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  • SYNC 2017 Opening
  • Smart Transportation
  • Chat with Udacity's CEO
  • Cheetah Mobile's Story
  • Talk with Peter Welinder
  • AI: Research to Application
  • Racing against Time: When Will Self-driving Car Be Ready?
  • Precision Oncology
  • Future of Fintech
  • Rise of Tokens and ICOs
  • Robots in Daily Life
  • Cross Border Investment


A Chat with Peter Welinder of OpenAI



AI Research Panel

从 2011 年开始,深度神经网络学界发生的重要进展越来越多,


AI Powered Gene Hacking


惠普、苹果、Google、Facebook、特斯拉、SpaceX 的黑科技,还有每隔几年就会突然出现在公众视野里的小型初创公司。

The Near Future of Self-Driving Cars

Within two years, Tesla’s self-driving technology will be

reliable enough to let “drivers” nap on their way to work,or so Elon Musk claimed in a recent TED talk.




Building Across Borders

About SYNC

SYNC, PingWest’s flagship annual conference, aims to gather the world’s sharpest minds and hottest startups together in one event. The conference focuses on the knowledge and networks necessary to build leaner, smarter and more disruptive startups.

Join over 300 other visionaries, including global entrepreneurs and investors, in a day of expert panels and fireside chats as well as key networking sessions.

Past Events

SYNC 2015 · San Francisco

Travels with American Unicorns

SYNC 2014 · Beijing

Since the Future Began

SYNC 2014 · Hong Kong

Diving into Hong Kong’s “Small but Diverse” Tech Ecosystem

SYNC 2014 · Taipei

The Global Pulse of Smart Hardware

SYNC 2015 · Ho Chi Minh City

When PingWest Meets East

  • SYNC 2013 BEIJING: Wisdom of creators.

  • SYNC 2013 BEIJING: Opening speech by Thomas Luo, Co-founder of PingWest

  • SYNC 2013 BEIJING: Guest speaker Xing Wang, Founder of Meituan

  • SYNC 2013 BEIJING: Guest speaker Dazhi Pang, Director at Netease

  • SYNC 2013 BEIJING: Joe Beiser,Director, Connected Services, Europe, Asia Pacific, & Africa at Ford Motor Company

  • SYNC 2013 BEIJING: Yongfu Yu, CEO of UC

  • SYNC 2013 BEIJING: Mingyuan Li, VP of Baidu


  • SYNC 2013 BEIJING: Junyu Wang, Co-founder of Wandoujia

  • SYNC 2013 BEIJING: VC Panel

  • SYNC 2013 BEIJING: Zhu Li, angel investor

  • SYNC 2013 San Francisco

  • SYNC 2013 San Francisco: When social meets reading


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