About SYNC

SYNC, PingWest’s flagship annual conference, aims to gather the world’s sharpest minds and hottest innovative organizations together in one event. This conference focuses on the knowledge and networks necessary to build leaner, smarter and more disruptive technology companies.

Join over 300 tech visionaries, global entrepreneurs and investors, in 2 days of expert panels, fireside chats as well as key networking sessions.



  • 09:30-09:40 Opening

    Thomas Luo/CEO of PingWest

  • 09:40-10:00 Keynote: Redefining Retail Through Technology

    Chen Zhang/CTO

  • 10:00-10:20 Keynote:

    Sumit Gupta/VP, AI, ML, & HPC @IBM

  • 10:20-11:00 Panel: Are We Close to a Future of Self-Driving Cars?

    Xiao Wang /Co-Founder & General Partner @InnoSpring Capital

    Tao Wang/Co-founder

    Hua Zhong/VP of Engineering @Jingchi

    Zhou Xing/Head@BORGWARD US R&D Center

  • 11:00-11:40 Panel:Linking AI to the Real World

    Reynold Wu/Global Head of Product Management & BizOps @Rokid

    Thomas Lee/Professor of EE @Standford,Co-founder @Ayla Networks

    Jason Xu/Director of Augmented Reality @Didi

    Zhangxi Tan/Founder @OURS Technology

  • 1:00-1:20 Keynote:

    Liang Huang/Pricipal Scientist @ Baidu

  • 1:20-1:40 Keynote:

    Kam He/ Director @Alibaba Cloud USA

  • 1:40-2:10 Panel: Using AI to Understand the Human Health

    Chen Du/ Senior Writer @ PingWest/Guixingren

    Yi Zhang/Tech Lead & Manager @Google Brain

    Marinka Zitnik /Ex-Research Fellow @Stanford

    Subarna Sinha/Bioinformatics Program Leader @SRI

Tech Everywhere

  • 2:10-2:30 Keynote:Simulating the Future: SimCity & the Cities of Tomorrow

    Stone Librande/Professor @CMU,Lead Designer for Diablo III,SimCity(2013)

  • 2:30-2:50 Keynote: 51Talk Explores The Blue Ocean in Filipino English Teachers: Technology Evolution Drives Online English Education in China

    Dai Yun/ Academic VP @51Talk

  • 2:50-3:10 Dialogue:

    Thomas Luo/CEO & Cofounder @ PingWest

    Connie Chan/General Partner @ Andreessen Horowitz

  • 3:10-3:40 Panel:Break Stereotypes & Gain Success

    Ying-ying Lu /U.S. Rep & Co-Host of TechBuzz China Podcast

    Yiying Lu/Fast Company's Most Creative People 2018

    Michelle Chen/Chief Product Officer @ofo

    Lilly Huang/SVP, Venture Capital Group @ HSBC


  • 3:40-3:50 Keynote: Real World Mining

    Jonathan Chou/Co-Founder & CEO of Bee Token

  • 3:50-4:05 Keynote: Where are the Next 10MM Blockchain Users?

    Alex Lee/Chief Strategy Officer @BitCV

  • 4:05-4:40 Panel:Blockchain's Disruptive Technology and the Opportunities It Has Brought to the Partners.

    Shuonan Chen /GP @Agile VC, Founder @Shinect

    Teck Chia /Partner @Binance Labs

    Emi Yoshikawa /Director of Joint Venture Partnership @Ripple

    Wei Wang/Co-founder & Chief Scientist @DxChain

  • 4:40-4:55 Keynote: From its Birth to Its Maturity, China's Blockchain Industry Has Entered the Road to Commercial Application

    Steven Li/Co-founder @BUMO Fund


  • 4:55-5:10 Dialogue:

    Robert Theleen /Co-founder @ChinaVest

    Roger Chen/Professor @University of San Francisco

  • 5:10-5:40 Panel:Where Are Tech Investments Going

    Rebecca Fanning /Contributor @Forbes, Founder @Silicon Dragon

    Alex Liang/Partner @Oriza Ventures

    Raymond Yang/Co-founder & Managing Partner @Westsummit Capital

    Xue Zhao Lan/Founder and Managing Partner @Basis Set Ventures

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